Bob hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles in the present. They made a huge comeback and the 2009 bob hairstyles never looked better.
Hairstylists added a modern twist to the retro bob hairstyles making them look very stylish adn very 'now'.

There are many trends for 2009 bob hairstyles, designed to match all types of face shapes.You can choose from simple bob hairstyles, asymmetrical bob hairstyles, mushroom bob hairstyles, deep angled bob hairstyles, inverted bob hairstyles, you name it.

2009 bob hairstyles
2009 bob haircuts

Before choosing a bob hairstyle it is best to know your face shape. Not all hairstyles are appropriate for all face shapes, this is why you need to know what type of hairstyle will match your face best. The hairstyle chosen should enhance your beautiful facial features and hide your possible flaws.

2009 choppy bob hairstyles
2009 layered bob hairstyles
Another great 2009 bob hairstyle is the bob with bangs. You can go for straight-across cut-bangs or side swept bangs. Straight across bangs help frame the face beautifully and help hide a wide forehead, making eyes look bigger.
Side swept bangs help elongate and brighten the facial features.

2009 rounded bob hairstyle
2009 bob hairstyle with bangs

The 2009 bob hairstyles can be cut at different lengths depending on style and preference. All types of bob hairstyles look great and are appropriate for all types of events. You can choose to color your bob differently in bold colors like ash blonde, red, violet, to enhance the style.

You can wear your bob hairstyle sleek straight, wavy or curly. Add a hair accessory to your hairstyle to glam it up or upgrade it for a special occasion.
Apply some shine spray and your bobbed tresses to add the glam factor to your hairstyle.

2009 medium hairstyles
short in the back long in front hairstyle