Creative Bob Haircut Ideas 2012

Creative Bob Haircut Ideas 2012
Switch up your style from boring to voguish with the following creative Bob haircut ideas 2012. Let your locks scream GLAMOR and feel free to experiment with the newest styling trends.
06 Jan, 2012

Now it's your turn to show off your style icon aspirations and nail down a chic crop. Liven up your lifeless locks with a new haircut which helps you get rid of split ends and unmanageable texture. The following creative Bob haircut ideas 2012 look simply mesmerizing and were envisioned by our favorite stylists from all over the world. Make the first step towards becoming a hard-to-miss presence at the hottest party events with a super-polished look. Choose this flattering dimension to have a myriad of styling options. Define the length and style of your timeless Bob to flaunt your unique midi.

Medium Hairstyle
by Wella

by Saima Altunkaya

by Universao Capelli

by Wella

  • Soft layers do magic to your tresses if you're craving for sensuality and romance. Choose a classy Bob style with thinned out ends to guarantee the success of your transformation. You just can't go wrong with either of the haircuts presented below. Our review offers more ideas than before to build up your head-turning new do. You'll find here choppy as well as soft tapered Bob cuts which suit all face shapes. The new trends allow you to make dramatic changes in your appearance. Add lots of volume and definition to your mid-length do by using the revolutionary styling formulas of the moment.

  • by Wella

    by Wella

    by Terri Kay

    by Hooker and Young

  • Create your unique Bob hair design which radiates confidence and style-consciousness. Keep your midi at a uniform length or you can also crown your do with a gorgeous bangs design. Fake your way to a perfectly-proportionate face by choosing the most suitable fringe style. Draw some inspiration from these in-salon looks which come in a colorful variety. Before taking a plunge into your beauty update be sure to have a well-defined idea of your dream do.

  • by Stuhr Interschool

    by Wella

    by Stuhr Interschool

    by Guy Kremer

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