If you don't feel comfortable with your hair all the way up in a chignon or a stiff updo hairstyles, a Greek Goddess inspired half up/half down hairstyle might be perfect for you for prom or other formal occasions.

Angelina Jolie Grecian Goddess Hairstyle
How to Style Greek Goddess Hairstyle

Many celebrities opt for this simple, but still glamorous and flattering hairstyle for red carpet events like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Audrina Patridge and many more.

Here are 3 easy steps to follow to achieve a pretty half updo hairstyle:

Step 1

For fine hair, prep it with a volume-boosting spray, while for thicker, coarser hair, use a taming product before blow-drying.
Divide hair by pinning the top section up; take a two-inch section of loose hair and wrap around a medium barrel curling iron.
Repeat until all the loose hair is curled.
Unpin the rest of the hair and repeat the curling process, but create bigger, looser waves by taking larger sections of hair and not curling right up to the roots.

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Step 2

Using the handle of a rat tail comb, separate a four-inch section – or more if your hair is fine – from the front of your head. Gently twist the section of hair with your fingers to almost the ends.
Next, take a bobby pin and secure the section back, putting the pin into the curls to hide it. Repeat on the opposite side so that you have two pinned-up sections.

While you work, try to avoid touching the rest of your hair too much, as this can cause curls to drop and become flat.

Audrina Patridge Hairstyles
Jessica Biel Half Updo

Step 3

Although this is a glamorous hairstyle, the aim is to make it seem like you haven't tried too hard. Mist a little hairspray onto your hands or onto a wide-toothed comb and rake gently through the mid-lengths of hair to loosen the waves, so that they appear more natural.

Finally, ensure that all your work doesn't come undone, spritz the pinned-back sections with a little more hairspray, and finish with a mist of shine spray for extra sheen.