In your daily hair routine, using the best products for your hair is an important aspect to consider for healthy, shiny looking hair. Permanently colored long hair requires a special care and knowing the right techniques will help you tremendously. Here are few tips to to keep your hair strong and color beautiful:

Excessive washing can strip the natural oils of the hair and damage your tresses and your color will fade a lot faster. Experts recommend washing your hair every other day to prevent dry hair and keeping it strong. When choosing products choose the products suitable for your hair type as well as for the problems you might be facing.

Blow drying is an important factor that determines how your hair looks. To prevent hair damage keep your hairdryer at least eight inches away from your tresses and avoid blowing your hair in the bathroom as steam retains moisture thus doubling the time required to dry your hair. Also start to blow dry from the bottom of your hair and than move upward to the crown to make styling easier.
You'll save time and you'll achieve a fabulous looking hair effortlessly.

Colored Hair Care
Keep in mind that the sun affects the way your hair looks regardless of the season. Use a hairspray that contains SPF or make your own: combine equal parts of water and sunscreen to prevent your hair from drying and your color from fading. Also use hairspray before using a curling iron to protect your hair and to achieve a stronger hold.

Try to go as natural as possible in your hair care routine. The chemicals in hair dyes are very harsh and thus very damaging for your hair. Use moisturizing homemade hair masks to condition your hair and to add a healthy glow. Prevent your highlights from fading by washing your hair with chamomile tea and letting it dry naturally.

If you are a brunette you can boots the shine of your color by rinsing your hair with black tea.

Also if you like to use your fingers to arrange your hair make sure your fingernails are trimmed to prevent damage to your delicate tresses. If you want to enjoy a hot, long bath keep your hair pinned up.

Remember that a healthy diet is the best way to have healthy locks and include in your diet plenty lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and a moderate amount of high quality healthy fats. Proper hydration is also essential so make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water. Alternate beverages to avoid boredom and diversify your diet.