Lisa Rinna Haircuts

Lisa Rinna Haircuts
See Lisa Rinna's famous haircuts that made her into a modern hair icon for millions of women across the globe.
15 Nov, 2012

Lisa Rinna's been wearing basically the same haircut for nearly 20 years, but why change something that works so well. Ever since she's chopped her long hair off, Lisa Rinna's haircuts are slight variations on the same idea: short and layered face-framing locks that basically style themselves. If you're looking for styles that will take years off your looks and are very easy to maintain and style, look no further than Lisa Rinna's hair cuts.
Lisa Rinna HaircutsLisa Rinna Hair Styles
The shear genius behind Lisa Rinna's hair styles is celebrity hairstylist Matthew Shields, who's also responsible for the famous short tresses of Ellen DeGeneres, Meg Ryan and Jane Fonda.

The main feature of Lisa Rinna's short hair is the staggered, choppy layers that create a soft shaggy shape around the face. Hair is snipped on an angle, progressively growing longer on the sides and back. Light, feathery layers make building volume at the roost a breeze.
Lisa Rinna Short HairstylesLisa Rinna Short Haircut Side View
Lisa constantly updates her short hairstyles by playing with lengths, different hair coloring and styling techniques. Her shaggy pixie cut (see photos above) feature temple-hugging sideburns and dimensional highlights that make the crop easy and glamorous. The whispy layers and tapered ends along the nape make it easy to be polished without lots of styling.

To copy Lisa Rinna's short hair, work in styling creme to build whispy texture, finger-placing hair as you blow-dry. Sweep fringe to the side, so it softly drapes the face with a light, textured finish. Tuck sides behind the ears for a different style.
Lisa Rinna Shag HaircutLisa Rinna Best Hairstyles
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