Long Wavy Hairstyles 2012

Long Wavy Hairstyles 2012
Let the amazing power of soft, flirty waves help you transform your look instantly. Whether you're looking for something casual or something formal, these loose long wavy hairstyles will definitely capture your interest.
09 Jul, 2012

When it comes to hair styling, a little texture change can make everything different. And, if sleek straight hairstyles can appear somewhat boring and curly hairstyles can be a little too much for some face shapes, wavy hairstyles are somewhat of a happy medium that proves flattering for most women. With a multitude of styles worth experimenting with depending on the features you want to emphasize and a few other important variables. Keeping things subtle and polished is usually a fail proof strategy worth adopting when you're in doubts about some concepts.

Credit:Jean Louis David

Credit:Hype Coiffure

Credit: Jean Louis David

Credit: Roco
One of the least effort intensive options worth experimenting with is to focus on creating soft waves for front strands only. This way you'll benefit from the face-softening effect of waves without all the struggle to keep things perfectly even all around. Pulling the hair on one side only can be another fun variation worth experimenting with if you're looking for a touch of edginess.

Credit: Jean-Marc Maniatis

Credit: Mieka Hairdressing

Credit: Inanch

Credit: Inanch
On the other hand, few things can rival with a volume filled, textured mane that practically reminds us of those corny shampoo commercials with unmatched volume and an almost surreal strong sheen. Getting such hairstyle does require some pretty serious time commitment along with some pretty well set styling skills but the results tend to be extremely impressive. As long as your face shape allows it, playing with volume and creating some flirty waves can be the surest way to impress.

Credit: Bonce Salons

Credit: Bonce Salons

Credit: Panagiotis Keladitis

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If you've decided to experiment with bangs, the option of experimenting with a few waves can be all the more appealing since the instant contrasts between textures will work in your favor, allowing you to draw more interest to your face. Whether you've settled for blunt, face framing bangs or went for the more subtle wispy side bangs, the effects can be extremely appealing.

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