Short to Medium Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

Short to Medium Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces
Short to medium hairstyles have an amazing versatility and match most face shapes. Find out what are the most suitable medium hairstyles for women with oval face shapes and learn a few key points when it comes to styling rules.
20 Jun, 2012

Finding adequate hairstyles to suit our face shape can be a challenging process. However, medium hairstyles tend to be an adequate choice for most face shapes due to its endless versatility and incredibly low maintenance. Oval face shapes are considered to be ideal ones, which means that almost any hairstyle can work well. Whether you're going for the tried and tested in terms of haircuts or you prefer to jazz things up a bit with texure, the alternatives are pretty much limitless.

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Credit: Jurgen Meerschaert
Jurgen Meerschaert Medium Hairstyle
Credit:Jurgen Meerschaert
Medium Layered Haircut for Oval Face
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Bob hairstyles are among the most popular fuss-free hairstyles which can beautifully compliment this face shape. Glossy finishes or disheveled ones are some of the main choices you can play with and the results can be interesting if you're investing a little creativity into it. Hair texture also comes into play, of course, but the choices are definitely varied. Modern vibes are some of the most flattering, but there's no reason to not to experiment with various trends.


Medium Haircut with Bangs Oval Face
Credit: Unknown stylist

Since the length of the face is just right, going for middle parts can increase the overall length and might prove less flattering. However, a side part presents no such limitations when it comes to length. Similarly, the decision to add bags or not is a fairly subjective one as well. While blunt bags might be too dramatic, wispy styles can be a whole lot more forgiving.

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Generally, opting for layered hairstyles with layers that emphasize your cheekbones or your lips is a sound idea. Staying away from dated hairstyles will prove a general yet reliable guideline for hair styling success.

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