Simple Long Hairstyles

Simple Long Hairstyles
Opt for simplicity with a fun twist to be able to highlight your best features through fabulous hairstyles that don't require uber complex skills. Play with textures for simple yet powerful changes.
25 Jun, 2012

Long hairstyles offer countless interesting alternatives worth experimenting with. Still, there are many simple hairstyles which can work just as well or even better for you. Playing with texture just a little bit can have a tremendous impact on the overall result. From the simplest loose styles to more complex styling techniques, the options are extremely versatile and well diversified.

Loose Curls Hairstyles

Credit:Pierre Alexandre


Credit:FHI Heat

For creating a fabulous romantic look, loose curl hairstyles are some of the most widely used alternatives. A high quality curling iron, a thermal protection spray and a little skill are the only requirements for creating a variety of sophisticated hairstyles that will soften your facial features along with drawing the attention your desired focal features. For an extra dramatic touch, a side part can work like charm and it doesn't even require special skills.

If you love to make an entrance, disco hairstyles with full, thick curls might be the style for you! Prep a voluminous base by blow-drying your locks with a round brush, then use a small barrel curling iron to get luscious, bouncy texture.

You can also opt for straight hairstyles which are even easier to create. Still, for really ensuring that the look will draw much positive attention, a little gloss is in order. A glaze can be a fabulous investment in this sense as it is more long-lasting than using hair wax.

Gossy Straight Long Hairstyles

Straight Long Hairstyles
Credit FHI Heat

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Credit: Trendy Hair

Credit: Trendy Hair
Yet another interesting option with a more practical side is opting for braids, especially during summer when practicality is a highly cherished characteristic. Side braids have a fab power to exude romance and take only a few minutes to make. The choices are interesting and, depending on the level of complexity you want to adopt can be as eye-catching or as discreet as you want.

Braided Hairstyles

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